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“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

— Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca, 1942

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What you will like to know about us and what makes us happy around us.

In Donostia, Eve would have drunk the apple

It has been made in our land for centuries and having one with our dearest and closest is a way of doing what we like most: enjoying life and food, friends and traditions.

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TV Series become art

The TV series of yesteryear have nothing to do with the authentic auteur gems that streaming platforms offer us today: the best qualities of the seventh art in an extended version

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Bilbo Baggins could have been from Donostia

As cinema and Donostia are irremediably connected, what better than to remember some iconic scenes and take the opportunity to tell you things about the city that have to do with them?

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Passion with both oars in the water

The first two Sundays in September will hold the finals of the most famous rowing competition in the world: the Bandera de La Concha.

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Three Donosti restaurants that don't have a Michelin star because they don't need one

The saying goes «Gose ez bazara, ez dago zorionik jaterakoan» —if you're not hungry, there's no joy in eating—, but there are three restaurants where even if you're not hungry you can find joy in eating.

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All roads lead to La Concha

Three short rides that will take you to our best known beach with your sights set on discovering the most authentic parts of our city.

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The aquatic life of Donostia

The sea is the centre of our culture and gastronomy and, for centuries, our livelihood.

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Off the beaten track: Hondarribia is a witches' paradise

Get to know this medieval seaside town just half an hour from Donosti and enjoy it with all your senses.

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Carmen Maura will not be Best Actress again

The San Sebastian Festival follows in the footsteps of the Berlinale and will award only one prize per category for acting, regardless of the gender of the candidates.

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