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“Dejen sus problemas en la puerta. Aquí dentro la vida es hermosa, las chicas son hermosas, hasta la orquesta es hermosa”

— Joel Grey, Cabaret

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It’s not a set, although it is a set.

Excuse the contradiction, but that’s how it is. Every corner of Zinema7 may look like a set, but it’s not. The furniture, the tables, the chairs are real. The bottles, they’re real. 

Even our friendly, patient colleagues, they’re real too. Yet they could certainly be transformed quickly and easily into the set of any film.

Cocktail Bar. A classic. Now Bogart could walk in, sit down, take off his hat, and order a drink. He’ll have to be reminded there’s no smoking at the bar any more.

A menu filled with cinema classics: Classic or Vodka Martinis, White Russians and White Angels, a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, or a harmless Shirley Temple. All the work of Patxi Troitiño, our internationally recognised barman with numerous cocktail awards under his belt. 

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The Library. Browsing the bookshelf, finding something that strikes your fancy, and relaxing into an armchair has its charms. Especially after having walked around Donosti all day.

Books about cinema, directors, and films. Books that inspired major blockbusters. Books that are better than the film, and others that, well... Were lucky enough to have been brought to the big screen. Books and DVDs that you can bring up to your room. Ask at reception.

Bistroteka. We have the well-founded suspicion that one of the reasons the big stars always turn up at our film Festival is because of our gastronomy. Let’s call it suspicion, or fact.

Eat Drink Man Woman. We love Ang Lee, and besides, we are Basque. That’s why we take the part about eating and drinking very seriously. Come and enjoy the offerings of our chef, Iñigo Palma, with our daily set menu, our pintxos, or our seasonal à la carte menu. Don’t miss out on what’s new from our bodega.

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Event and meeting rooms. It’s not all sequins and action, there’s a lot of work behind a production. And who does this work? People like you, and people like us.

We have calm and pleasant work spaces so that you can combine the best of business and pleasure. We also have rooms that are fully equipped so that you can conduct your meetings with all the privacy Dr. No would demand, although we regret to inform you that cats and other pets are not allowed in consideration of our allergic guests. 

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