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A movie hotel

Zinema7 are stories in black and white, in color...

Daytime exterior. The sun's rays pierce through some clouds. General shot of San Sebastian where we see the Urumea river calmly meandering. With a slightly panoramic view, the Amara district is in the foreground, green and calm, and in the background, not far away, the bustle of the Old Quarter, the sea and La Concha.

Slightly low at medium distance. A car arrives. It stops. The passenger and driver doors open. Two bodies get out of the car. Panoramic shot towards the faces of the protagonists. They smile. Reverse angle shot of the building where we can see the Hotel Zinema7 sign.

Built on the foundations of what was San Sebastian's biggest cinema, the Hotel Zinema7 is a reflection of the city's passion for film. A stellar hotel in which every suite, every room and every corner pays tribute to the stars that have been at the Zinemaldi, our International Film Festival.

Located in the peaceful district of Amara, surrounded by green areas, it is just a short walk away from the Cathedral, La Concha, the Old Quarter or, following the riverbank, the Kursaal. A walk that, if done with attention to detail, will reveal the most authentic San Sebastian to you. 

Hotel Zinema7: a stellar hotel.

Hitchcock Suite

When you dedicate something to Hitchcock, you know it has to be something big. Very big. Like this suite.


Superior room

In this room, our dear Catherine would be beautiful by day and by night.


Family room

Yes, mr. Addams, there is room for up to 5 people, so you'll have to choose between grandmama and uncle fester. There's no alternative. No, we don't count thing. Thank you, Mr. Addams.


Zinema7 double room

Even if it looks big – really big! Although you may find a sofa in some of them, these rooms are only doubles. A double room with a spectacularly comfortable double bed. 


Petite Terrace

A bet on a terrace that well deserves a few less meters of room. It is still a double with a double bed spectacularly comfortable.


Zinema7 Twin room

Out of respect for the living, we respect the "do not disturb" sign. Out of respect for the dead, you have a minibar!


Travolta (adapted)

In our adapted room you will be as independent as the career of our friend John, which started on a Saturday night and almost ended when he decided to be an angel. 

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We want you to feel like a movie star arriving at a première, walking on the red carpet and with all the attention you deserve, with services tailored for you. And there's an advantage: there will be no pararazzis pestering you at the door every time you go out.

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